Donorsnap Fundraising Software


Ela Lopez | Apr 22nd 2022


  • Alumni Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Committee Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contribution Tracking

What Is DonorSnap?

DonorSnap is a non-profit organization's donor management and fundraising software. DonorSnap centralizes all connections and communications in a single database and teaches users how to provide extensive tools that empower them to succeed.

DonorSnap provides non-profit organizations with a fantastic platform for mass emailing, easily creating forms for their website, increasing donor retention, and obtaining the lowest payment processing rates possible. It enables the collection of updated mailing addresses or email addresses, ticket sales, recurring donations, and pledge commitments.

DonorSnap is a complete donor management and customer relationship management solution. In one database, you can keep track of your contacts, donations, members, volunteers, and all other forms of supporters. It enables you to manage all of your communications within DonorSnap, including mail merge letters, donation receipts, and more.

Integrating with well-known software systems such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, DonorSearch for wealth management, and Constant Contact eliminates the need for duplicate data entry. Additionally, you may collect online donations using our mobile-responsive forms tool and send mass emails directly from your database without incurring additional fees.

DonorSnap Features

  • Alumni Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Committee Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contribution Tracking
  • CRM
  • Donation Tracking
  • Donor Discovery
  • Donor Management
  • Dues Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Fundraising Management
  • Gift Matching Management
  • Grant Management


  • All-Inclusive Reporting
  • Efficient Tracking & Monitoring
  • Great Return On Investment
  • Easy Setup
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Great Donor Management Program
  • Fairly Intuitive To Use


  • Needs More Reporting Capabilities
  • Lack Of Donor Giving Across Multiple Time Periods
  • Requires Automatic Email Acknowledgments

DonorSnap Pricing

  • Subscription-Based Pricing
  • Starts at $39/month
  • Pricing is tiered by the number of contacts being tracked
  • An unlimited number of uses is included in price plan
  • No free trial available

Donorsnap Features

Donorsnap's features include a mass email campaigns function that enables non-profits to send an email to their whole database or to a targeted email list. Users can customize their dashboards with apps that automate donation management duties.

The email acknowledgment letters provide a one-of-a-kind platform for non-profit organizations to automate and email thank you letters or receipts directly from inside DonorSnap. The QuickBooks connectivity function enables non-profits to seamlessly transfer donations to QuickBooks without creating duplicate entries.

The event registrations function provides a fantastic platform for non-profit groups to create bespoke online forms to assist them in managing event registrations. Nonprofits can use the online donations functionality to collect money online by designing custom forms that interact with their database.

DonorSnap is a one-of-a-kind solution for managing an unlimited number of users. This is accomplished through the software's ability to generate user accounts for staff, volunteers, and anyone else who requires full or partial access to your data.

Collecting membership, volunteer, and event data is as simple as tracking fundraising statistics, and none of them come at an additional expense. Additionally, DonorSnap assesses and monitors in-kind donations of goods and/or services in addition to monetary donations. Included at no additional cost are mail merge tools, email donation statements/receipts, and both prepackaged and custom reporting.

DonorSnap integrates with QuickBooks Online and Constant Contact. It is all-inclusive, which means that each organization receives an infinite number of users and access to all features. Pricing is entirely determined by the number of contacts you track and begins at $39 per month for up to 1,000 connections.

DonorSnap Benefits

DonorSnap is a fantastic balance between pricing and affordability and includes capabilities that make managing donors and other fundraising operations easier and more effective. It enables the creation of customized online forms that assist companies in managing event registrations.

Donations can be collected online via custom forms that interface smoothly with databases. It enables the creation of an unlimited number of user accounts for anyone who needs either partial or complete access to the data, such as personnel and volunteers.

Using a single form, recurring gifts can be set on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The rapid search box enables you to efficiently search the entire database with a single box. All contribution statements may be linked and emailed to a designated email address with a single click, while mail merge letters enable contributors to receive customized content.

The solution includes web development tools that make it simple to create and edit online forms. Additionally, it complies with PCI requirements and provides SSL security, which enables fee-free online credit card donation collecting.

The dashboard can be configured using a drag-and-drop interface, and customized views can be used to display certain data feeds. The native iOS app is excellent for viewing contacts, donation histories, and records, and also makes it simple to write comments on the fly. Apart from iPads and iPhones, the cloud-based software is accessible via any internet-connected device.

The Final Verdict

DonorSnap is an online fundraising and donor management system that centralizes all of your data regarding donors, prospects, volunteers, members, grants, and sponsors. It is ideal for all types of charitable organizations since it can be completely customized to track just what you need to track.

Additionally, the pricing scales down for smaller organizations, ensuring that no nonprofit is without excellent donation management software. DonorSnap is completely adjustable, all-inclusive, and thorough. It is one of the best online fundraising and donor management systems available in the market right now.