Top 5 Kids Learning Platform

Best Choice 1
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937 Reviews
  • It is an ad-free online learning platform
  • ‘Early Learning Academy’ for online syllabi
  • Children can choose their online appearance
  • Ticketing system teaches the value of ‘Saving’
  • It is a subscription-based so involves a cost
Best Choice 2
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3078 Reviews

  • Online e-learning platform for creative skills
  • Inspired by STEAM and STEM Education
  • Options for art exhibitions online
  • Not for older kids
  • Revolves around art and creativity only
Best Choice 3
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9215 Reviews

Discount School Supply
  • Social-Emotional Kits to uplift mood
  • Creative STEM Activities available
  • Affordable range of products
  • Flexible furniture set-ups also
  • Occasionally delayed deliveries
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6503 Reviews

  • Offers different crates to target different age-groups
  • Based on STEAM and STEM Education
  • Several payment terms
  • Sometimes, Shipping of crates isn't hassle-free
  • Sometimes kits go out of stock
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1719 Reviews

Novakid INT
  • One-on-one based E-learning platform
  • Native and non-native teachers
  • Only teachers with specific qualifications can teach
  • Strict schedules disturb routine life
  • Sometimes slots for a favourite teacher aren’t available