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Expecting guests at your home soon or having frequent sleepovers but not enough beds? Worry you not, for we bring you an amazing alternative to an uncomfortable couch. One of the best-rated air mattresses, SoundAsleep Dream Series really do justify their name.

  • Dimensions: 78 X 58 X 19 inches (queen)
  • Size options: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king
  • Use: In-house use
  • Pump Type: Built-in
  • Weight Limit: 500 lbs.
  • Storage Bag: Yes
  • Warranty: SoundAsleep customer satisfaction, limited 1-year guarantee

Made of eco-friendly PVC, the brand claims that the mattresses are durable and puncture-resistant. They certainly have proved to be so in various tests and long-term users have also testified in their favour. Some cited that it wasn’t before 3-4 years that the pump slowed down or a couple of holes appeared.




Weighs about 19 pounds

One of the tallest mattresses at 19 inches

Cumbersome to carry- not suitable for camping


Built-in cord for the pump is short

Made of eco-friendly PVC

Substandard repair kit

Quick and easy to inflate and deflate


Dual chamber construction


The top is extra thick and provides the desired cushioning.


With 40 interior coils, offers excellent support and comfort. Stays firm through the night.


The mattress comes in various sizes- twin, queen and king. The queen mattress is 78 X 58 X 19 inches in size and can accommodate two people easily. With a dual-chamber construction feature, it is one of the tallest at 19 inches in height, comparing it to the tradition mattresses. Therefore, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.


What makes the mattress super comfortable are the thick top and the raised sides, because of which you need not stress about rolling off the bed. The top of the mattress is extra thick, waterproof and has a velvety surface that prevents the fitted sheet from sliding down. However, this material can get a little moist overnight.

Made with ComfortCoil technology, the mattress has 40 individual interior coils that aid in making the mattress stay firm through the night. Even the “SureGrip” bottom ensures that the mattress stays put even if you move a lot in your sleep, as the bottom is said to suction onto hard surfaces in order to avoid sliding.


The mattress has a built-in pump and the sound of the motor is a tad quieter sound than a vacuum cleaner. Inflating the mattress is a very convenient and quick process. All you have to do is plug in the mattress, turn the toggle to the right and you have a fully blown-up mattress after about 4 minutes. Once inflated, the mattress can be unplugged and the electrical cord be put in the open socket right next to the pump switch. Not only does this keep things neat but also prevent the plug from coming in the way of the fitted sheet.

Deflating the mattress is just as easy and fast. Within minutes, it lays flat on the floor and you don’t need to manually press the air out of it.

But the length of the cord is a big downside. It measures around 49 inches, but seems to be too short as one needs to be really close to the socket when inflating. This is limiting and can be really challenging if the mattress can’t be placed too close to the wall as because of it’s heavy weight, it is too cumbersome to manoeuvre.


Once you have deflated the mattress, fold it neatly to its original shape. The Sound Asleep Dream Series mattress comes with its own bag and allows you to safely store the mattress. This bag turns out to be really advantageous- it protects the mattress from wear and tear, it can be kept in an organised manner and the bag makes it easier to tote around.


Along with the bag, the mattress also comes with a repair kit, which includes two patches. They look as thin as tape, so we are not sure how effective these could be.

Not many companies offer a 1-year warranty on an air mattress but this sure does. Plus, a super helpful customer service that goes all out to solve your issues.


The price of this inflatable mattress is slightly higher than the other available in the market. To us, it seems justified because of its quality, performance, durability as well as the bag, repair kit and the warranty.